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An Attitude of Gratitude

When I responded to the job posting for a “new online health care company” I had no idea what to expect, and then I received an email back with more information about the company. So I Googled the name of the CEO and discovered that she founded the National Fibromyalgia Association. My heart began to beat faster as I read more.

I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today

So says Wimpy on the Popeye cartoon. Is it a big surprise that he never paid for his hamburgers? Wimpy’s reputation is well known, but not everybody who asks for credit is as transparent, thus the value of doing your due diligence.

Keep it in the Family Business

Family-owned and operated businesses are a major part of our economy, so keeping them alive and thriving is crucial to the continued prosperity of America.  Whether it’s the mom and pop diner on Main Street; the local plumber and his sons; or Wal‑Mart, the largest family owned business in the country…

Train Only If You Want to Win

When was the last time you expressed your badassedness by conquering a 5-K obstacle course that includes target shooting? You’ve never done it before because it didn’t exist until now. We still believe you that you’re badass. But now you have to prove it!

Can You Shoot Under Pressure?

Like any race—that is, if you want to win it—the Run & Gun Challenge comes with a certain amount of stress because of the pressure to finish in the fastest time. You’re climbing slippery walls, crawling on your belly, dodging live electrical wires, and your heart rate is going to be high

OMG, Brittany! What Should I Wear to Run & Gun?

I know you’re excited to wear your new Cabela’s ghillie suit, but it might be a bit of overkill for an obstacle race that doesn’t include big game hunting. Plus, you might snag your new leafy wear on the live electric wires you’ll be carefully stepping through during the event.

Dear Accountant/Tax Professional,

While preparing your clients’ tax returns this year, you are likely to notice a few businesses that are in need of capital funding, but are not in a position to acquire bank financing.  As their accountant, we’re sure you have developed relationships with your clients and want them to succeed.

The Glass is Half Full for Doing Business in 2013

Even though income taxes will go up for most Americans in 2013, many of the expired tax breaks for small businesses have been renewed by the last-minute legislation signed last week.  This may be seen by some as just a “spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down,” but it’s definitely good news…

Budget Cuts, Pay Cuts, and Hair Cuts

The recession scramble to maintain vitality is in full sizzle.  Businesses are stressed, consumers are strapped, and governments are strained.  The solution for all has been budget cuts. 

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