Train Only If You Want to Win

October 15, 2018
By Laura Walker for Run & Gun Obstacle Course (no longer active)

When was the last time you expressed your badassedness by conquering a 5-K obstacle course that includes target shooting? You’ve never done it before because it didn’t exist until now. We still believe you that you’re badass. But now you have to prove it!

Can you handle the 15 obstacles that will have your heart rate maxed and sweat spewing from your every pore? How fast can you move on your belly in the dark? How fast can you run carrying a 5-gallon bucket of water? Do you even know how much 5 gallons of water weighs?

If you plan to complete the Run & Gun Obstacle Challenge, you don’t have to train to be ready unless you’re one of those people who has to finish first like life is a race or something. Or if you’re one of those people who has to be prepared for everything, then there are a few things you can do.

  • Start training at least six weeks before Run & Gun if you’re not in very good shape. That way you can start slow and work your way up, giving your body time to recover between workouts.
  • If the only exercise your body gets is under fluorescent lights at 24-Hour Fitness, then try to train outdoors as much as possible to avoid shocking your system with fresh air and sunshine when you get to Run & Gun.
  • Start by running or jogging for a few minutes, then stop and do push-ups or burpees for a minute or so, resume running/jogging for a few more minutes, then stop and crawl as fast as you can (hopefully you find a grassy area) for a few minutes, run/jog some more and then scale a wall (not one with a Rottweiler on the other side), and continue alternating in this manner doing various pushing/pulling/leaping/crawling exercises.
  • Practice running high-fives and fist-bumps because you’ll be doing a lot of that on race day and you don’t want to mess up and look dumb in front of all the other Run & Gunners who think they’re badass.