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Laura Walker, Writer

OMG, Brittany! What Should I Wear to Run & Gun?

October 24, 2015
By Laura Walker for Run & Gun Obstacle Course (no longer active)

I know you’re excited to wear your new Cabela’s ghillie suit, but it might be a bit of overkill for an obstacle race that doesn’t include big game hunting. Plus, you might snag your new leafy wear on the live electric wires you’ll be carefully stepping through during the event.

It’s best to wear clothing you’ll be comfortable getting a bit dirty and sweaty in that will allow you free range of motion, yet not get in your way as you conquer each obstacle in a single bound. Superman’s outfit would be perfect, minus the cape, of course. But if you’re not into wearing tights, then maybe you ought to call it compression gear.

Under Armour® is not just for keeping you warm while exercising in the cold, but it also improves blood flow, thus oxygenation of the muscles. Research has shown that athletes wearing compression clothing have easier recoveries and reduced soreness after intense exercise because heart rate and lactic acid are reduced when wearing the garments. Plus, you’ll look like a superhero!

Another Run & Gun fashion tip is to leave the knee pads at home unless they are medically necessary. They’ll just get in your way while you’re kicking ass and taking names. But do bring your CrossFit gloves, or much less spendy all-purpose flex grip gloves, to make your life easier while Run & Gunning. Not only do they enhance your grip as you scale the Glass Walls obstacle, but they’ll prevent bloody knuckles and maintain your manicure.

As for footwear, there are two words that say it all: performance and mud. Okay, that was three, but who’s counting. If you need a good excuse to buy a new pair of Nikes, then by all means, wear your best running shoes. If not, your second-best pair is perfect. And bring your third-best pair to change into after the event, so you don’t have to ride in the back of the pickup on the way home.

As long as you’re the only one reading this blog post, you’ll be the best dressed contestant at Run & Gun. See you there!

P.S. Don’t forget socks!

P.P.S. And underwear!

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