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Laura Walker, Writer

Website Design & Development

An attractive website is the foundation of your online presence, as well as a powerful marketing tool.

I specialize in WordPress websites because of its beautiful simplicity. Even the most basic website can look like it was built by a pro, thanks to a massive selection of themes, templates, plugins and other customization options.

Even if your audience doesn’t read every word, internet search engines definitely do, as they scan and log keywords to determine the relevance of your content.

Having edited many types of documents and publications in various industries, I am well versed in the most widely used style guidelines, as well as others and company-specific hybrids.

copy editing

I offer the following levels of editing: developmental, substantive, copy, line, style and proofreading (more detail in the Editing section).

My sharply tuned editing eye can differentiate 10-point from 12-point font from across the room. Also, I teach college-level  English composition & creative writing, so I can provide more than just a surface treatment of your work. As a writing coach, I can work with you on your craft, or just make it pretty.

Digital Content Editing

Examination & revision of existing text & images to improve digital marketing efforts: Ensure clear language is aligned with branding; tone is consistent; copy is engaging, directs audience to act; appropriate pacing; correct mechanics, etc.

Style/Copy Editing

Correct errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, capitalization, style guidelines, usage, etc.; identify inconsistencies, ensure piece conforms to  style guidelines; check& correct citations & formatting

Line Editing

Examination at level of words, sentences & paragraphs to ensure language is clear, tone is consistent, content is engaging, pacing is appropriate, etc.; focus on content & creativity to help improve project & craft

Developmental Editing

Work closely with author during writing process to ensure vision is materializing; includes project management, coaching/teaching, & editing, but not rewriting content for author

Substantive Editing

Comprehensive editing that results in detailed critique & revision of manuscript, including attention to structure, organization, style, voice, points of confusion, areas needing more development & support, & notes on mechanics


A “quick once-over” check for typos, misspellings, grammar & punctuation issues, extra spaces & any other “oops” material hiding in manuscript