Strategic Planning & Consulting

Strategic Planning

Most successful businesses don’t just shoot from the hip without a plan, especially if outside investors or bank loans are in the picture. With a solid plan in place you’ll feel confident when presenting to third parties and keeping yourself on track for growth.

Whether you’re already in business or just getting started, I can play whatever role you need during this strategizing phase. I’m a pro at brainstorming and organizing ideas, seeing the big picture, thinking outside the box, and being a good devil’s advocate. Yes, I just used all the business clichés I could think of at the moment.

Business Plan Writing

The final result of strategizing is the business plan. Together, you and I will sit down and put on paper the company’s mission/vision, description of products/services and how they’re different, market analysis, organizational structure, SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), and financial statements and projections.

Getting all this down on paper is not setting it in stone. Having a written plan makes it easier to see where you can improve and where you are succeeding, so you can make informed changes.

“If it isn’t written, it isn’t real.”

Marketing Strategy

A critical part of the business planning process, your marketing strategy is essential to success. It is the guiding force behind reaching your target customers to sell them your product/service again and again while recommending you to their friends,

This process requires in-depth market research, including competitive analysis and budget projections. I am well-versed and efficient researching in this arena, so don’t worry, the burden is not all on you. From there, we create the branded messaging to be used in all your marketing materials. I can create most of these pieces for you (we’ll find a pro to shoot and edit videos).