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Brand Design

If you don't have a logo or you're not happy with the one you have, I can help you with this problem.

Yes, it's a problem to not have a consistent brand that represents you and your products, services and values. Why? An audience wants to know you and your brand reflects who you are and what you stand for. Make a good first impression.

What's a brand? Why is it important?

Not just a logo, a brand includes your company's name, tag line, colors and fonts that you use consistently across all your marketing, communications and public-facing materials. Your brand is like body language, which says more about you than what you actually say.

Logo Design
Print Design
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Workshop Flyer
Business Card Design
Business Card Front
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Tri-Fold Brochure Outside
Tri-Fold Brochure Inside


Get them to remember you. Reflect your personality, company culture, organizational values, etc.

  • Your Brand:
    • Logo design
    • Appealing colors & fonts
    • Your image matters
    • Consistency across all channels


Consistent messaging shows that you're professional and you know who you are.

  • Tagline: a little blurb about who you are, what you do and why you're the best choice
  • Mission: the purpose of your company/organization, your culture, values and ethics
  • Vision: your direction, goals, future objectives and aspirations


Everything about you, your company or organization should consistently depict your brand across all channels:

  • Website, social media, blog, videos, podcasts
  • Sales information, advertising materials
  • Correspondence, public relations
  • Bids, invoices, statements
  • Basically anything you share with the public and within your organization