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Writers may have retained much of the stereotypical image of angst and the brooding mystery of creativity through millennia, but the product of their craft has undoubtedly transformed. Not just a shift in media from scrolls of parchment to instantaneous digital transfers of words from the mind to the masses, but worldwide reach and new purpose demands much more of writers today.

The monumental volume of written content that is published and consumed daily is our new normal. Businesses must establish and maintain a competitive online presence in order to survive and grow in this global, digital landscape.

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Copy Writing


  • marketing plans (market research, competitive analysis, branding strategy…)
  • networking (social media, local, face-to-face, events, email…)
  • search engine optimization (keywords, links, organic rankings…)
  • social media relations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Yelp…)
  • various forms of advertising (radio, listing services, video…)
  • consistent branding language in sales copy &¬†company correspondence

Web Content

  • strong landing page, powerful calls to action & inviting data gathering opt-ins
  • bold digital-ad copy & robust media kits
  • engaging & optimized blogging that doesn’t read like obvious SEO blog posts
  • exciting press releases, insightful news items & important event calendars
  • informative white papers & educational articles
  • consistent brand messaging & on-point page copy
  • enticing links that guide visitors to relevant content and converts them into customers

In Print

  • business & sales correspondence
  • catalogs & indexes
  • health & safety plans
  • instruction & procedure manuals
  • internal communications
  • magazines, newsletters & articles
  • mailers
  • other print advertising (newspaper, Yellow Pages, etc.)
  • posters & other display media
  • reports


Websites that rank high in search have new content added regularly. One of the best ways to do this is with a blog. Not a blog full of fluff posts that stack keyword upon keyword with overlapping links just to please Google’s web crawlers. We’ve all seen those obnoxious pieces that are obviously written for the sole purpose of search engine marketing. Those posts actually defeat the point and are often flagged or their authors blacklisted.

To optimize your blog, it’s important to, first, understand what content your target audience wants, so you can give them something of value, and then follow SEO best practices to make sure your quality, well-written posts are getting the attention they deserve.

The good news is that I can take care of this for you. With experience writing for companies in so many different industries, it’s a breeze for me to briefly chat with you to get some ideas, do a bit of research and produce the kind of optimized blog post that will satisfy you, your audience and the search engines.

Industry Experience

addiction recovery, treatment, sobriety
agriculture, farming, ranching
antiques, antiquarian books & prints
automotive repair, auto salvage
business-to-business products & services
conference & event planning & production
construction, demolition, construction supply
criminal justice, corrections, legal relief
education, online learning
finance, lending, accounting
funeral services
hazardous waste mitigation, government contract
health care, telemedicine, chronic pain, fibromyalgia
legal marijuana pipe cleaning

manufacturing, fabrication
marketing & communications, social media, networking
new age movement, spiritual practice
nonprofit, fundraising, awareness
obstacle course racing, team-building events
oil, gas, energy, mining
printing & publishing
resort, hotel & restaurant
small business, startup
staffing, temporary employment services
transportation, trucking, shipping
web development, SEO
wholesale & distribution

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