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Laura Walker, Writer

No Worries for the Virgin Shooter

September 27, 2015
By Laura Walker for Run & Gun Obstacle Course (no longer active)

So, you’re going to do Run & Gun, are you? Do you have the grit to tackle 5 kilometers of badassedness littered with tricky obstacles and target shooting? Uh. What? Shooting? At targets? Uh oh.

Having never fired a gun before shouldn’t hold you back from having a blast racing through the 15 unique obstacles that make up Run & Gun. It’s not unusual that some Run & Gunners have never shot a gun before, so don’t worry.

Here are some of the basics you’ll want to know before you shoot.

  1. Safety first — Always treat a gun as if it is loaded, but still check to make sure it’s unloaded when first handling it. Always point the business end of the gun in a safe direction. Make sure you have the proper eye and ear protection in place.
  2. Grip — Never put your finger on the trigger until ready to fire. Hold the gun tightly in both hands, making sure all fingers are clear of moving parts.
  3. Stance — Stand with feet hip-width apart or stand with one foot (usually the one on the same side as your strong hand) about 12-18 inches behind the other foot. Balance your weight more on the balls of your feet rather than the heels, and bend slightly forward at the waist to counteract the gun’s recoil once fired. Relax your shoulders.
  4. Sighting — Make very small movements to align the front sight with the center of the target, evenly spaced and level at the top of the rear sight. You will see the front sight clearly and the target will be blurry; this is your sight picture.
  5. Breathing — Don’t hold your breath. Long, deep breaths will ensure enough oxygen is flowing throughout your body. This reduces the chances of shaking or flinching, therefore increasing your chances of hitting the target.
  6. Trigger — Place the center of your fingerprint on the trigger and without moving anything else (stance, other fingers, sight picture), slowly and smoothly apply pressure until the trigger moves.
  7. Follow-through — Maintain your stance, grip, and breathing so that you’re ready for the next shot.

If you forget all this by race time, just remember the most important thing is safety. You can also watch the training videos on the Run & Gun website.