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Laura Walker, Writer

Marketing & Communications Services

As a practiced hand in the strategy, design, creation, analysis and revision of compelling marketing and communications projects, I provide an array of services tailored to your needs.

Whether your company already has a marketing department but could use some extra blog posts, or you’re a mom-and-pop shop with no idea what SEO means (search engine optimization…in case you were wondering) but have come around to the demands of our tech-dependent society and are ready to build your online presence, I’ve got you covered. I’ll take on the whole package or bits and pieces.

Working with numerous organizations in a myriad of industries, I have written award-winning business plans, complete with competitive analysis and financial projections, as well as marketing strategies from comprehensive rebranding down to print-mailer campaigns.

content writing


Written content is the driver of every successful marketing and communications effort.

Be it a promotional landing page, a process-focused white paper, informative e-book, email to prospective clients, quarterly newsletter and everything in between, what you say and how you say it matters.

Even if your audience doesn’t read every word, internet search engines definitely do, as they scan and log keywords to determine the relevance of your content.

copy editing


You want it to be perfect, and so do I! Grammar goofs and typos don’t make the best impression.

My sharply tuned editing eye can differentiate 10-point from 12-point font from across the room. Additionally, I teach college-level composition, so I can provide more than just a surface treatment of your work.

Having edited many types of documents and publications in various industries, I am well versed in the most widely used style guidelines, as well as others and company-specific hybrids. I offer the following levels of editing: developmental, substantive, copy, line, style and proofreading (more detail in the Editing section).


wordpress website design development

WordPress Website Development

WordPress is the ideal medium for creating the foundation of a business’s online presence.

It is probably the most intuitive and non-techy user-friendly platform for building websites. One of the principal reasons I specialize in WordPress is its beautiful simplicity. Even the most basic website can look like it was built by a pro, thanks to a massive selection of themes, templates, plug-ins and other customization options.

Also, I can easily teach you how to add new content and keep your site updated, so you’re not dependent on outside forces every time you need changes made. Or if you prefer me to handle all that for you, I’m at your service in a timely manner.


strategic business planning marketing plan

Strategic Planning and Consulting

“If it isn’t written, it isn’t real.” ~ Well-said by SBDC mentor Terry Chambers

Throughout my 15+ years of working with small businesses (and some large companies, nonprofits and government entities) in various capacities, I have been honored to learn how these organizations operate. I’ve seen businesses succeed and some fail. My perspective has been simultaneously focused in a specific role as well as “big picture.”

Entrepreneurial training through Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) added valuable tools to my workshop, and a 1st-place award for best business plan in 2008 validated my efforts. It has been a privilege to participate in the business planning and writing process with several small businesses and startups, as well as individuals with specialty service offerings.