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Laura Walker, Writer

Content Development Services

Content. Content. Content.

Everything the public sees with your name on it matters! A lot.

That's why fresh, high-quality content on your website, social media pages, print materials—all of it—needs to reflect who you are & the value you offer. 

I can create original content, edit existing materials, refresh your brand, polish your image, whatever you need to stand out to your audience.


Digital Content Writing

Original content: websites, blog posts, articles, white papers, eBooks, newsletters, press releases, etc.

Anonymous Ghostwriting

Original material created for book manuscript without credit

Content Writing

Original material created for book manuscript with Laura Walker listed as coauthor &/or editor


Digital Content Editing

Examination & revision of existing text & images to improve digital marketing efforts: Ensure language is clear & aligned with branding; tone is consistent; copy is engaging, directing audience to act; pacing is appropriate; & mechanics are correct etc.

Developmental Editing

Work closely with author during writing process to ensure vision is materializing; includes project management, coaching/teaching, & editing, but not rewriting content for author

Substantive Editing

Comprehensive editing that results in detailed critique & revision of manuscript, including attention to structure, organization, style, voice, points of confusion, areas needing more development & support, & notes on mechanics

Line Editing

Examination at level of words, sentences & paragraphs to ensure language is clear, tone is consistent, content is engaging, pacing is appropriate, etc.; focus on content & creativity to help improve project & craft


A “quick once-over” check for typos, misspellings, grammar & punctuation issues, extra spaces & any other “oops” material hiding in manuscript

Style/Copy Editing

Focus on correcting errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, capitalization, style guidelines, usage, etc., identify inconsistencies in content, ensure piece conforms to designated style guidelines by checking & correcting citations & formatting

Web Design

Basic Website

Premium WordPress responsive theme; 3 pages [e.g., Home, About, Services, Contact]; embedded contact form; 4‑6 stock images; custom colors & fonts; original/edited content; basic SEO

A Step-Up Website

Premium responsive theme; up to 5 pages [e.g., Home, About, Services, Contact, Blog, Gallery]; 6-10 stock images; custom colors & fonts; original/edited content; SEO, Google Analytics

Even Better Website

Premium responsive theme; up to 10 pages, advanced functionality [e.g., Member Portal, Directory, Portfolio, Calendar, etc.]; up to 20 stock images; branded logo, colors & fonts; original/edited content; SEO, Google Analytics

Hourly WordPress Development

Updates/changes to WP theme, plugins/add-ons, widgets; optimize database, compress images & files; security integration

Flat Rate

Additional pages/functionality; searchable directory, shopping cart, payment & marketing platform integration; member portal; custom forms; landing pages, etc.


Revitalize existing website by revising the look, feel, functionality, content &/or design; refresh/redesign branding (logo, colors, fonts, etc.); streamline messaging, content & images


Digital Marketing

Branding: logo, colors, fonts, tagline, mission/vison, etc.; content marketing strategy &/or implementation: paid & free ads, newsletter/blog, videos, webinars/classes, infographics, referral traffic, social media management, etc.; track results & ROI

Database & Online/Email Marketing

Process contacts: classify& upload into CRM software; strategy, design & analysis of contact leveraging & outreach campaigns, A/B testing, landing page development

SEO & Analytics

SEO audit of site, strategy, management, analysis, & revision; SEO backend [meta data, keywords, sitemap, no-follows, etc.], onsite/technical & link building (done incrementally)